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U13 v Chipps

Clouds loomed ominously over the home ground of Worthing Chipps as Eastergate battled some early bank holiday traffic to get there.

Chipps won the toss and elected to bat first.

The undulations of the square caught out early bowlers Fergus and Aidan as they struggled to find their stride sending the ball wide more often than usual. With their confidence knocked the boys slowed their bowls right down, this improved their accuracy but left balls open to hard hits by the opposition.

Despite these early wobbles there were some excellent moments of fielding with Fergus chasing a ball and flicking it back millimetres from the boundary line, Aidan making a superb one handed pickup turn and throw, and impressive catches by Fergus and wicket keeper Jonny.

Their team spirit remained high and their words of encouragement to each other were audible from the boundary line, their confidence returned with a couple of excellent wickets and their tight fielding and improved bowling meant they managed to get Chipps all out for 136 within the 20 overs.

Eastergate opened their batting with Aidan facing and Fergus at non striking end. The accuracy, speed and spin of the accomplished bowlers proved too much for Fergus and he was taken out on the first ball he faced. Aidan managed to rack up 3 runs before going out for lbw. Jonny managed to defend the wicket well, (sometimes looking perplexed as to how he had managed it) but eventually fell to a nifty catch. Josh followed on and, having listened to advice, sent the ball careering off to the side gaining a much needed run, he then sent his next ball bouncing over the boundary for a 4. Unfortunately he then sent up a high ball and was caught. Further catches and accurate bowling picked off the rest of the team and they were left with 71 runs all out to Chipps 136.

A superb game to watch with the lad's team spirit and camaraderie shining through despite the loss.

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