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U10s away to Findon

This weekend saw our U10s travelling to the sweeping slopes of Findon CC.

As always they were given a warm welcome and as the Captains headed out onto the strip for the toss the excitement was palpable.

Eastergate fielded first, with Harry taking 3 wickets and both Oscar B and Leo taking 2 a piece, the lads played well as a team and managed a run out and stopped balls crossing the boundary, keeping the home team to a respectable 77.

With hopes high as they went out in their pairs to bat, the runs crept up, Will T was top scorer managing 16 off his 4 overs. Harry wasn't far behind with 14, Leo with 13 and Oscar M with 12. Finishing on a combined score of 118. By the time the pairs rules had been applied with wickets being +5 runs to the fielding team (and a starting score of 200) the end result was 312/368 to Eastergate. Another solid win for our softballers.

Man of the match went to Leo for an all round superb performance including great fielding.

Meanwhile those softballers that hadn't made the trip over to Findon spent the morning honing their bowling skills and then put these into practice in a game.

This week's Merit was awarded to Ralph for listening to coaching, taking on board what was said and making great improvements to his bowling.

Well done Ralph, well deserved!

A great weekend all round for our U10s.

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