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Saturday morning, 28/5/22

Saturday morning in summary.

At 8.15am the club was open, the boundary markers were being put out and the urn was on. Biscuits were ready to be put out onto plates and jugs of squash were chilling in the fridge.

By 8.45am 8 players from Rustington U10s were warming up and their families that had come to support were settled in chairs on the boundary. Eight very excited Eastergate U10s were merrily running around fielding balls thrown by their coach. Prematch talks were had, Eastergate won the toss and the match was under way.

Despite the slightly damp ground Eastergate had elected to bat, the grass had recently been cut so the ball was rolling well. All four pairs had really taken on board what they had been taught in training and communicated well with each, calling loudly and making great on the spot decisions. With Rustington bowling well Eastergate had 2 wickets against them - both catches, one by a slip and the other a fabulous WK catch. Eastergate made up for this with their batting, ramping up an amazing five 6s and nine 4s between them in their 16 overs.

After copious quantities of squash and biscuits were devoured in the midway break it was Eastergate’s turn to field. Bowling in the same pairs they batted, they kept Rustington’s score reasonable and added to their own by taking 6 wickets.

After a game played in very good spirits the final score was Rustington 331, Eastergate 364.

Player of the Match was Harry for a superb catch and outstanding bowling.

Whilst the match was going on the U12s were busy training in the nets, working on both batting and bowling skills. They also spent time honing their fielding skills, getting their eye in for catching and perfecting the long barrier - all important skills.

Also, on the far side of the field, the u10s who were not involved in the match practiced batting, bowling and fielding techniques before playing a very energetic and fast paced game of diamond cricket!!

Smiles, laughter, sportsmanship and teamwork - exactly what we hope to achieve

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