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Junior Section Induction

Very excitingly, today saw the official opening of the Eastergate Cricket Club Junior Section 2022 season. During the busiest induction morning we have ever had we were thrilled to welcome nearly 30 families and sign up an amazing amount of young players.

Our day started with a presentation by our club’s very own Rew - Junior Section Director. Rew started by talking the youngsters through what we expect from our club members and in return what they can expect from their club, coaches and officials. He introduced them to our Club Code of Conduct (available to view on the website) and explained why these expectations were in place.

The youngsters then headed outside for their first outdoor game of the season.

The parents meanwhile were left indoors to be introduced to their part of the code of conduct and then complete the membership forms. They are quick and easy to fill out although this photo seems to say otherwise.

All the while this was going on two of our lovely parents were serving tea, coffee, squash, water and a biscuit or two.

Once the forms were complete the adults headed outside to watch the end of the game.

Watching the youngsters enjoying their first game of the season was a strong reminder of just why we do what we do.

Our first under 10s game is next week at our home ground. The team has been selected and there is a strong air of anticipation. This will be the first competitive game of the season, for some it will be their first competitive game ever. For all of us it will be fun and a great start to our 2022 season.

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