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1st Central Sussex Cricket League

At Eastergate we currently have two senior sides competing in the 1st Central Sussex cricket league. The 1st XI are currently in Division 7 West. Whilst the 2nd XI are currently in Division 11 West (South). Both sides are not only striving to improve but have great fun whilst doing so.

Sussex Slam

This year we have entered a side into the 2023 Sussex Slam. The team will be known as 'The Gaters', have entered the mid-week T20 tournament as a way to provide fun, fast and convenient cricket to more players at the club. Player restrictions mean that players of all abilities are able to take part, encouraging inclusivity, fast paced and enjoyable games.  

Senior Training

Nets will commence from 13th April - Every Thursday at 6pm.

Senior Fees

Please view our membership form or visit Teamo - Eastergate Club App

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