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Key Definitions and Concepts

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Who to turn to

All of our Coaches are fully trained and will listen to any concerns you have.  They will then discuss with our Welfare Officer and make an action plan.

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Latest ECB Guidelines

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Safeguarding and a Club's Duty of Care

Medical Professional

Medical info

Please inform us of any medical issues associated with your child.  Allergies, medication, asthma etc are all important factors when we take your child for training sessions and games.

Also all children are expected to bring their own drink to training sessions and games, hydration is extremely important especially in the summer.

Please note: if your child suffers from ASTHMA  they will not be allowed to train or play games if they do not have their OWN medication with them.

Please note all information given on forms etc will only be used by the club for the purposes of contacting you the parent/carer.  Eastergate CC will not sell/give any information to a third party.  Medical information will only used in the event of emergency and may be given to medical professionals to help your child. 

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